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About The Spine and Brain Coalition

We represent a network of physicians and surgeons devoted to prioritizing the patient-doctor relationship. Our coalition of affiliated providers are expert specialists with elite training pedigrees working to promote optimal brain and spine health.

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Medical Assistant


New York







Job Description

Areas of practice 

Neuroscience (including neurosurgery, orthopaedic surgery, pain management, neurology). 

Position Summary:

As a Medical Assistant you will play a vital role in supporting both clinical and administrative aspects of our medical practice. Your responsibilities will encompass assisting the medical provider and team in delivering patient care, optimizing patient encounter flow, handling scheduling tasks, managing orders, and ensuring that the provider and staff have the necessary resources for efficient day-to-day operations. Additionally, this role involves a strong understanding of medical insurance processes, including prior authorizations, denials, appeals, and effective communication regarding insurance matters.

Position Duties:

- Assist medical providers and the clinical team with patient workup, which may include taking vitals, preparing patients for examinations, and documenting patient histories.
- Support the efficient flow of patient encounters by coordinating scheduling and managing appointment bookings.
- Ensure that all necessary resources, including medical equipment, supplies, and patient records, are readily available for provider use.
- Collaborate with providers and staff to maintain organized and well-maintained examination rooms and clinical areas.
- Perform basic administrative tasks such as data entry, medical record documentation, and maintaining patient files.
- Assist in managing and processing patient orders, including prescriptions, lab work, and diagnostic tests.
- Provide patient education and instructions as directed by the medical provider.
- Communicate effectively with patients, addressing questions and providing clear information about appointments, tests, and procedures.
- Develop a strong understanding of medical insurance processes, including prior authorizations, denials, and appeals.
- Assist in verifying patient insurance coverage and eligibility.
- Collaborate with the billing and administrative teams to resolve insurance-related issues promptly.
- Maintain strict adherence to patient confidentiality and compliance with healthcare regulations.
- Assist with general office tasks, such as answering phones, directing patient inquiries, and handling administrative responsibilities as needed.
- Maintain a clean, organized, and safe clinical environment.
- Participate in continuous learning and professional development to stay current with best practices and medical advancements.


- Completion of a medical assistant program or relevant certification.
- Previous experience as a medical assistant is preferred but not required.
- Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work collaboratively in a healthcare team.
- Knowledge of medical terminology and basic clinical procedures.
- Familiarity with electronic health records (EHR) and medical billing systems.
- Excellent organizational skills with attention to detail.
- Effective communication skills for clear and empathetic patient interactions.
- Ability to handle multiple tasks efficiently in a fast-paced healthcare setting.
- Commitment to patient privacy and HIPAA compliance.
- Flexibility to adapt to changing clinical needs and schedules.

This role is critical to ensuring the smooth operation of our healthcare practice, and we are seeking a dedicated Medical Assistant who is passionate about patient care, possesses strong organizational skills, and has a sound understanding of both clinical and administrative responsibilities.

Part time and full time opportunities available.

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